We are dedicated toward advancing children’s health and well-being and educating the patients and families we serve.

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Glosso Speech, Language and Educational Services (SLES) is committed to providing quality speech-language pathology services to children and youth. The mission of Glosso SLES is to offer an up-to-date, professional, and personalized program to help maximize the client’s abilities. We provide services by highly qualified therapists in several settings included by not limited to:

Introducing Live Teletherapy! Glosso Live Teletherapy is committed to providing highly skilled therapeutic services that empower students, clients, and patients to optimize performance levels in speech and language and maximize their overall communicative effectiveness.

Glosso Live Teletherapy will collaborate with client organizations to provide professional and cost-effective speech teletherapy services that advocate for students’ continued growth and success. 

Speech and language screenings and evaluations

Why are screenings important?
Screenings help ensure a child’s skills are on track as he or she grows & promote early identification and intervention of communication disorders.

Consultations/Counseling for communication and developmental disorders

Developmental disorders is a group of conditions originating in childhood that involve serious impairment in different areas.

North Carolina division of child development workshops for daycare staff

This workshop addresses the latest research findings on the impact of stress in the earliest years and how providers and families can recognize and reduce the negative consequences stress has on development.