North Carolina Division of Child Development Workshops for Daycare Staff

How Stress Affects Young Children
This workshop addresses the latest research findings on the impact of stress in the earliest years and how providers and families can recognize and reduce the negative consequences stress has on development.

Social Skills Development Birth to Five
The importance of social skills and how they impact behavior and consequently a child’s future will be the focus of this workshop. Suggestions on teaching social, coping and problem solving skills to young children through play and other developmentally appropriate activities will be given. Workshop can be offered in two sessions; birth to 3, and 3 to 5.

The Importance of Play
This workshop will discuss how children learn through play and how all domains of learning can be incorporated into play activities. The focus will be on making learning fun for children and staff, and provide suggestions on how to help families learn about the importance of play as well.

Recognizing and Evaluating Challenging Behavior in Young Children
It is often difficult to determine what is developmentally appropriate behavior, what environmental factors may be affecting behavior and which behaviors warrant a developmental evaluation for possible services. Steps to recognize behavior that warrants outside services, or a referral for developmental evaluation will be provided with a brief discussion on discussing concerns with family and caregivers.

Red flags, Knowing When to Refer
This workshop will review developmental milestones, factors that may have a negative impact on typical development and how to recognize when a child has a delay or delays that warrants referral for special education services.